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2-Day CRISC Prep Exam Training

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2-Day CRISC Prep Exam Training

0 ratings

Can’t make it to one of our LIVE, ONLINE CRISC Prep Exam Training classes? We’ve got you covered!

The pre-recorded CRISC Webinar Training is a recording of Megamind's most recent LIVE, ONLINE CRISC Training class with renowned security expert practitioner, instructor and author, Krag Brotby CISM, CGEIT.

This training has been recorded from an actual LIVE, ONLINE intensive 2-day PREP EXAM training that specifically focuses on developing the critical exam skills you’ll need to master this very difficult exam, including: review of concepts, definitions, and exam question analysis.

It provides an intense, boot camp style learning environment where you’ll be immersed in exam prep. Hands-on, you’ll participate in 200+ mock exam questions over the course of the nearly 12 hour class. Krag Brotby explains in great detail why the correct answer is correct, and why the incorrect answer is not correct (so that you thoroughly understand).

You’ll be provided with a set of invaluable tools and approaches for the CRISC exam.


Krag Brotby's CRISC Glossary document.

Krag's actual classroom slides for the 2-day CRISC Prep Exam Training.

Krag's Answer Sheet for the In-Classroom CRISC Mock Exam (200 questions).

Krag's Business Impact Analysis (BIA) example.

Krag's Guidance on Your Final Prep Steps for the CRISC exam.

Megamind's Certificate of Completion for the CISM Prep Exam Training (12 hours)

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After you have completed your payment, please return to the Megamind website to fill out your registration form (link below). After we receive your completed registration form, we will send the course materials to you. Thank you.

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